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Master Touch Painting

Deck Restoration

We are here if you need your deck cleaned or if you need full deck restoration. We have carpenters on crew who can take care of any issues with repairs or rotten wood and as with our other services we can help you with color consultation.

What´s included in deck restoration ?

Pressure wash, stain, and seal with UV protection

We Cover all surrounding areas prior to the start of the project. We use a TSP cleaner that removes mold and mildew but is not harmful to plants. We also do a Carpentry inspection and repair any rotten wood. Any necessary carpentry repairs can be made by our expert carpenters prior to staining. The deck is stained and sealed with  UV protection.

We use Behr, Flood or Sherwin Williams stains and customers receive a 3 year limited warranty on Decks

Deck Restoration

Ready for Free Estimate?

One of our estimators will come out to your home to take photos and measurements. Within 24-48 h. we will provide you with a detailed written estimate.