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House isolated in the field

Aside from adding color to the walls painting can also help with cleaning and disinfecting. For example if you move into a home where the previous owners were heavy smokers the only way to get rid of the odor and discoloration is by removing any soft materials such as carpet and window coverings and to paint the walls with Kilz primer before painting. If the odor is not so strong, two coats of paint may do the trick. If you are thinking about selling your home , neutral colors will definitely help it sell faster.

-Paint protects your home

A good coat of paint prevents deterioration of the exterior of your property. Paint protects wood and other surfaces from the harsh effects of the weather. Some areas of your home may require painting more often than others based on what areas get more exposure to the sun, how close you have trees to the home and how wall water drains away from surfaces after rain. Find a good painting company that offers a minimum of 5 years warranty – most painting companies only offer a two year warranty and this is because it is typically after 2 years that problems arise. If you keep up with the painting on the exterior of your home you will avoid expensive carpentry repairs later.

-Add value to your home

If you want to sell the property or just want to give it a fresh look on the outside and inside, a fresh coat of paint is the most economical way to accomplish this. People are more likely to purchase a home that looks like it has been well maintained and it is an additional cost that the buyers will not have to deal with for a while after purchasing the home. Additionally the photos listed online are a big part of selling a home, you want your home to look bright and airy and an easy way to do this is by changing colors.

House isolated in the field

-Painting is to highlight the property

Painting your home is like an instant upgrade. A professional exterior paint job can help your home stand out from all the others in the area.  it will instantly stand out from all the houses in the area. A newly painted property looks fresh and can take years off the home. Don’t be afraid to add bold colors to accents such as doors and shutters , a pop of color can work wonders and will definitely catch peoples attention.

-Tips when it comes to painting

Before painting inside check the weather for those days. If it’s rainy season in the city you live in, wait a bit. You want to pick days that are less humid so that the paint adheres to the surface.

Make sure you have everything you need before starting: Drop cloths / plastic, brushes, rollers, paint and blue tape.

Dust off the surfaces prior to painting.

If you remove switch plates and outlet covers put them in a zip lock back so nothing goes missing.

Do not apply a second coat until the first is dry to the touch.

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