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The best colors for your home

best colors for your home

For many people, making major changes to your home can bring a lot of anxiety, for others it is very enjoyable. Painting your home is a task that requires a high dose of effort and patience. Not only do we have to do the painting, but you also have to choose colors, choose the paint, chose the finish, protect the furniture, plan where to start, learn techniques, so the finish looks perfect and even clean up everything afterwards (including ourselves). If you have come here looking for tips to paint with the trends that are currently in fashion, we have some simple color tips can help you with your selection, so you can get started on that home makeover.

Neutral Colors

If you like the classics these are good options for you.

Modern Blue-grey:

The grays are very popular right now. This color is clean and classic and ideal to ensure you do not overload a small space and you can always complement with an accent wall if you want to make a statement.

Mint green:

Some shades of green refresh the appearance of the space while not overloading it if used on all walls. These shades go well with white, gray, turquoise and complement with various shades of pink.

Sky Blue:

Light blues evoke relaxation and calm and they go well with most colors so it’s a flexible color that you can implement in the room.

Pastel Yellow:

A light and classic color, perfect for illuminating a space that does not get much natural light. Complement with navy blue, shades of gray or brown.

Warm Colors

If your intentions are to evoke tranquility and comfort and you like the feeling of warmth in an environment, these colors are for you:

Rosa Quartz:

This color gained great popularity a few years ago, it conveys femininity and balance, gray and green tones but it is also an ideal complement to white and gold.

Pale Gold:

This color creates a warm and calm space and it helps natural light to expand in the room. It works well with neutral complements and dark tones. In addition, it can be complemented with patterns of strong golden tones.


This color in it´s different shades is not only warm but also romantic and bright. It´s a good idea for example to combine peach tones with pastel green and shades of yellow.

Coral Red:

Another fun and warm color for your living room. Coral red provides energy but is also easy to combine as it goes well with white, black, shades of gray, beige and blue.

Strong Colors

To show style and personality, these colors will get all the attention. They are ideal because, with the right decoration, they demonstrate elegance and modernity.

Navy Blue:

Although it is within the classic colors, the dark tones express power and seriousness while preserving the calm that the light tones of this color transmit. Navy blue goes well with shades of gray, gold and light shades of pink


A black wall adds elegance and power to the atmosphere. If you’re going to use this color in your living room, this should be a spacious and well-lit space. To lighten the strength of this tone, it is advisable to create gray patterns.

Emerald Green:

An ambitious and elegant color that shines together with wooden accessories and dark tone patterns.

Cherry red and Blood Red:

To wear red, in anything, is always a bold decision and expresses this same passion and intensity. Spaces painted with these tones should be very well lit in every corner and look good with beige, brown and other shades of red complements.

What colors would you choose to renovate your house? Still not sure? Remember we offer FREE color consultations with all jobs over $1000 and we will complete your job in line with our high standards.

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